About Us

Angus Sauces were created by Harvey Clark of Boylston Massachusetts, with invaluable assistance from his wife Mondi. The goal has always been to make the best tasting, highest quality products possible. Angus Sauces are all natural and gluten free. The name of the business is Mondi Enterprises Inc. The business was inspired by Newman's Own food products, and created to attempt to accomplish some worthwhile goals. In addition to making Angus Sauces, we are also working on the following projects, New England's Specialty FoodsAmerica's Farmer's Market , Specialty Food's Best Resources and Feast-Book. There are other related projects you'll see links to if you visit these websites. They all have what we think are exciting goals. Some activities are underway, while construction is in process.

First, New England's Specialty Foods has been created to be the internet's best information site for specialty foods producers, with links to all the products, services and information one needs to be successful in the specialty foods business, with an online shopping mall, free for producers, as well as a directory to make it easier for potential customers to find your website.

America's Farmer's Market has a unique dual purpose, to become a national on-line specialty food mall, found exclusively linked to public school websites. The plan here is to eliminate most of the middle costs, selling direct to parents, increasing profits and splitting the profits 50-50 between small artisan producers and all public schools. 

Specialty Food's Best Resources is to be a one stop resource shopping site for specialty foods producers, with all the products and sevices needed to run a specialty foods business profitably, with a ratings feature similar to Angie's List. This site will also have a monthly Classified Ads with promotions from select suppliers, as well as a Buying Group designed to reduce all producer's costs.

Finally, Feast-Book will be America's number one gourmet shopping website, with the goal of having all specialty foods producers listed. 

All features of our website network are always 100% FREE, to all specialty foods producers. All activities, including much construction which is currently underway, are funded by the sale of Angus Sauces on this site, our Vegan Cooking Sauces on www.vegancookingsauces.com, sales from our book about "How to Make a Profit Creating and Selling Your Own Specialty Foods Products in the USA" available in the specialty foods business, available at www.amazon.com, and finally by advertising fees from participating suppliers on our websites.

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