Angus Sauces
                    Like no other sauces    

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This page is dedicated to America's farmers who raise Angus cattle, without whom, there would be no Angus Beef. If you know of an Angus farm in the USA which isn't on the list below yet, please let us know so we can add it. 

If you're looking to buy the very best, freshest Angus Beef anywhere, contact your nearest Angus farm. They have a variety of programs where you can be one of the first in line, all the time, to purchase their high quality Angus Beef!

And......Ask at the farmstand if they carry Angus Sauces.......Angus Sauces were formulated specifically to enhance the natural flavor of fine Angus Beef!

Four Mile River Farm, Old Lyme CT, 860-434-2378,
Greyledge Farm, Roxbury, CT, 860-350-3203, 
Laurel Ridge Farm, Litchfield, CT, 860-567-8122,
Stuart Family Farm, Bridgewater, CT, 860-210-0595,

Applewood Farm, New Gloucester, ME, 877-963-2333,
Kelly Bros. Farm, Pittston, ME, 207-582-2202,
Little Alaska Farm, Wales, ME, 207-933-3300, 
Middle Intervale Farm, Bethel, ME, 207-890-6859,
Weston's Farm Stand, Fryeburg, ME, 207-935-2567,

DeNormandie Farm, Fairhaven, MA, 608-742-7258, 
Evans Farm, Rutland, MA, 508-886-8983, 
 Lilac Hedge Farm, Berlin, MA, 774-429-4675, 
Open Meadow Farm, Lunenburg, MA, 978-466-5873,
Springdell Farm, Littleton, MA, 978-486-3865, 

New Hampshire:
Bo-Riggs Cattle Company, Sullivan, NH, 603-370-1877,
Brookfield Farm, Walpole, NH, 603-445-5104, 
Cascade Brook Farm, North Sutton, NH, 603-927-4-13,
Rock Farm Natural Beef, Wolfboro, NH, 603-569-4250,
Sherman Farm, Coneay, NH, 603-939-2412,

New York:
Autumn's Harvest Farm, Romulus, NY, 607-869-3879, 
Hunter Crossing Farm, Little Falls, NY, 315-823-2663, 
KingBird Farm, Berkshire, NY, 607-657-2860,
Lowland Farm, Warwick, NY, 845-481-3459, 
Mack Brook Farm, Lake George, NY, 518-638-6187,
Walbridge Farm, Millbrook, NY, 845-677-6221,

Meadow Brook Farms, Riegelsville, PA, 610-346-8400,

Rhode Island:
Blackbird Farm, Smithfield, RI, 401-232-2495,

Cloudland Farm, North Pomfret, VT, 802-457-2599,
High Ridge Meadows Farm, East Randolph, VT, 802-728-9768,
Sawmill Brook Farm, Greensboro, VT, 802-553-9804,
Spring Hill Angus, Orleans, VT, 802-673-6629,
Under Orion Farm, Marshfield, VT, 802-563-2351,

America's Angus Beef Farms